The Travel List: Walt Disney World Bucket List

Travel for me means exploring new places, trying new food and even in a familiar place, finding experiences to make every trip memorable.

Having visited Walt Disney World four times previously, it has been a challenge to find some unique experiences. as we are spending a little over two weeks, I want to try and ride every attraction, see every show and meet as many characters as possible!

Laura’s Walt Disney World bucket list:

  • Visit all four theme parks in one day

To many this may seem like a complete nightmare, tiring and a bit of a waste of time, however, each theme park has its own unique charm and as I am visiting on my birthday, it’s the perfect opportunity to go a little crazy and spend my birthday in each of the parks!

  • Cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba

Apparently ending its season at Disney Springs, the La Nouba show is a must see for this trip. Having never seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, being in Disney should be the perfect introduction!

  • Keys to the Kingdom Tour

As a self proclaimed Disney nerd, I love finding out the hidden meanings, symbols (have you tried a Hidden Mickey hunt?) this tour takes you behind the scenes in the Magic Kingdom. I just hope it doesn’t ruin the magic too much.

  • Spend a day taking photographs in the parks

Before any trip, you scout the internet or Pinterest to be inspired to visit. Once you return, do you ever have that feeling that the pictures you have taken just don’t live up to the place you have been? Most of the time on my trips I quickly take snaps as I want to live in the moment, hopefully this trip I can dedicate some time to take some Pinterest/Instagram worthy pictures!

  • Eat my way around Disney

All those hours at the gym have been leading up to this moment, eating whatever I like, whenever I like! Disney offers so many different dining experiences and I plan to try as many as I can!


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