Craft Idea: Festival themed Hen Weekend

Planning a Hen Weekend is pretty stressful, making it unique and special to the bride-to-be… that’s even more of a challenge!

See how to make a flower veil, VIP Lanyard and Survival Kit for a festival themed hen party:

Flower Veil


  • Craft Netting 1/2m of four colours
  • Flower Headband
  • Needle & Thread
  • Stapler


  • Cut each colour of netting into a square, each square should be 1 inch smaller than the previous colour. I started at … to give a longer length
  • Gather the squares with the largest at the bottom, decreasing in size as you layer.
  • Take one corner and wind around the headband several times, check the length by stapling the netting to hold.
  • Once you have your desired length, sew to hold the netting in place
  • Store the veil with the netting folded to give it a natural flow once worn

VIP Badges

Instead of buying sashes for the whole hen party to wear, instead create lanyards which are a lot more personal and less in your face!

Luckily I had access to design software, although i’m no designer, I created these simple designs, printed them onto card and then fed them onto lanyards.

Making things a bit more personal, I tailored a typical Hen Weekend Selfie Challenge with specific challenges for where we were staying and the bride and groom-to-be

Every bride-to-be needs some advice before getting married, this part of the lanyard was filled in and given to the bride-to-be at the end of the weekend

Survival Kit

Inspired by Pinterest, we tailored a survival kit to fit in with our festival theme

  • Barf Bag: Brown Paper Bag (Also used to hold the other items)
  • Fresh Breath: Individually wrapped mints
  • All You Need Is Love: Love Heart treats
  • Sip Up: Individually wrapped tea bag, perfect for the morning after
  • Eat Me: Chocolate treat
  • Ease the Pain: Paracetamols

Wrap each of these in tissue paper, stick on a label and hand out to all the guests!




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