First time organising a Hen Weekend

Organising a Hen Weekend can be pretty stressful, whether it’s trying to find a date that everyone can attend or deciding just how the bride-to-be will spend her last days of freedom. Having recently planned my first ever Hen Weekend, here are some tips to hopefully make the task a little less daunting.

1.Only allow a small number of people to make the decisions

We kept decision making between the three bridesmaids, planning everything before we invited everyone else along. Some people couldn’t make the dates, but that’s ok. You can’t please everyone!

2.Track your money

When planning any event, you should always get money up front from people before paying out, then if anyone changes their mind you wont have to pay out. To keep all the deposits and payment for activities separate from your own, set up a PayPal account and create your own personal link so that people can transfer the money easily.

When booking activities requiring a deposit, only commit to a small number of people then add on once you have received everyone’s final balance.

3. Keep it simple

You might feel that you want  to make the evening/weekend as fun as possible, doing lots of crazy things, but no one wants to be held to a massive timetable of events, and you can’t always count on everyone being in the right place at the right time.

Choose a few key activities and then allow for lots of downtime. We booked a dance class for 10am…after only going to sleep at 3am!

4. Make it personal

You can choose cliche activities, we certainly did! But adding personal touches to the whole experience means that it is truly the bride-to-be’s party that could never be repeated.

My bride-to-be is having a festival themed wedding, so we tried to tie that in to the hen weekend. Using fabric and a Primark flower headband, we created a festival veil, festival themed survival bags and instead of having sashes for everyone, we created personalised VIP lanyards.

5. Embrace being the hostess

The weekend is all about the bride-to-be, but as event organiser the spotlight is also on you. After attending our cocktail masterclass, 30 women (all of them older than I) expected me to remember exactly which menu options they had pre-ordered!

Keep a note of any bookings you have made and any pre-orders, if you have people attending different parts of the weekend, make sure to keep a copy of who should be where.


Remember that as long as the bride-to-be is having fun and is surrounded by those she loves, everything else that you get up to on the hen weekend is a bonus!


Have you planned a hen weekend away? How did you cope?


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