Very gutted that I'm not at Friends Fest this year! I was still quite young when Friends was first shown, but I do remember watching the very last episode and crying my heart out "she got off the plane!" Since that moment I've watched all ten seasons, over and over, each time getting more of... Continue Reading →


Organising a Hen Weekend can be pretty stressful, whether it's trying to find a date that everyone can attend or deciding just how the bride-to-be will spend her last days of freedom. Having recently planned my first ever Hen Weekend, here are some tips to hopefully make the task a little less daunting. 1.Only allow... Continue Reading →

Planning a Hen Weekend is pretty stressful, making it unique and special to the bride-to-be... that's even more of a challenge! See how to make a flower veil, VIP Lanyard and Survival Kit for a festival themed hen party: Flower Veil Tools: Craft Netting 1/2m of four colours Flower Headband Needle & Thread Stapler Instructions:... Continue Reading →

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