Travel Bucket List: See sunrise at Angkor Wat

4am in a hostel trying to get dressed in the dark and move your oversized backpack, it's the earliest I have ever been awake on this world trip. People are coming in from a late night on pub street and we're hardly awake preparing to see one of the must dos in Cambodia: Angkor Wat. ... Continue Reading →


I never knew I loved gardening and toperies until visiting Epcot at Walt Disney World during the Flower and Garden Festival this spring. Food from around the world features, as well as plants and our favourite Disney characters. Here is a small taste of the characters that were on show during 2017's Flower and Garden... Continue Reading →

For most people, visiting Walt Disney World may involve trying to see as many characters as possible, riding every ride and watching the parades. When you're travelling with children you want to experience all the magic, but if you're visiting just as a group of adults or a couple, you can embrace the magic of... Continue Reading →

With every holiday, food is part of the experience, and with Walt Disney World, it is literally a child's sweet shop! Being an adult with my own money to spend, and having worked my backside off at the gym all year, I decided this trip to Walt Disney World would mean sampling as much food... Continue Reading →

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