The Bucket List

Instead of making a bucket list of things I want to do before I’m 30 I wanted to make a bucket list that I can complete and add to all my life. As you grow older your goals and dreams change.

Some of the things on my bucket list are cliché and generic, inspired by others and some are personal to me.

Go scuba diving
Go ziplining
Jump off a cliff into water ✔
Learn to ski
Ride a horse
Ride a hot air balloon
Ride a jetski
Sail a boat
Skydive ✔
Slide down a firemans pole
Stand under a waterfall
Swim with dolphins ✔
Walk on hot coals
Go skinny dipping
Go paragliding

Be happy with my weight
Complete a 10k run ✔
Dive off a top diving board
Learn to belly dance
Learn to cartwheel
Learn to salsa dance
Run a colour run
Run an 8 minute mile
Run barefoot along a beach
Run the London marathon
Run the Great North Run
Take a yoga class
Try pole dancing

Attend a film premier
Be a member of a TV show audience
Get a book signed by an author
Go to a music festival ✔
Go to a music festival abroad
Go to the Olympics
Go to the Winter Olympics
See a Cirque du Soleil show ✔
See a Wimbledon final match
Take a selfie with someone famous
Watch a ballet
Watch an opera
Watch Shakespeare at The Globe
Watch a Broadway show ✔
Go to a midnight movie premier
Go to a drive-in movie night
Watch a movie in the park

Become an organ donor
Buy a homeless person a meal
Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Conquer a fear
Create a library in my house
Get paid for one of my photographs
Learn a new language
Learn shorthand
Learn sign language (not just the alphabet)
Learn to play a whole song on guitar
Live alone
Make a memory jar
Raise over £1000 for charity
Work for a magazine
Be an agony aunt in Cosmopolitan
Write down any regrets and burn them
Graduate from University ✔
Complete a Masters Degree

Be a maid of honour
Throw a Hen Party ✔
Be a godmother
Be kissed in the rain
Be met at the airport, like in the movies
Be my own boss
Be silent for 24 hours
Dance with my dad at my wedding
Get married
Go on a blind date
Go on a picnic date
Have a child
Have a surprise party thrown for me
Kiss under fireworks
Kiss under mistletoe
Kiss under water
Leave a trail of red roses through the house
Read a book under a willow tree
Throw a surprise party
Totally disconnect from the world for a week

Get a complete makeover
Get a henna tattoo
Get a tattoo ✔
Go blonde
Go on a spa weekend
Have a Brazilian wax
Have a professional boudoir photo shoot
Have my eyebrows threaded
Go on a no budget shopping spree
Walk into a designer shop and buy what I want. No price limit.
Wear coloured contact lenses

Attend a cocktail masterclass ✔

Attend a cooking class ✔
Bake a giant cupcake
Bake a loaf of bread
Be vegetarian for a month
Catch and cook a fish
Cook Christmas dinner on my own
Drink in an ice bar
Eat alone in a restaurant
Eat oysters
Eat snails
Go wine tasting
Have a food fight
Leave a 100% tip for a waiter
Make skittles vodka
Throw a dinner party
Try a battered Mars bar ✔
Have a summertime picnic with friends

Attend a fashion show
Attend a masquerade ball
Be a tourist in my own city
Buy the person behind me a coffee
Camp under the stars
Crowd surf
Dance in the rain
Dance on a bar
Fly in a helicopter
Go skinny dipping
Go to a psychic
Go VIP in a club for a night
Go zorbing
Have a bonfire on the beach
Have a mud fight
Have a paint fight
Jump into a pool fully clothed ✔
Make a melted crayon picture
Make an adult blanket fort
Milk a cow
Party on a yacht
Play hide and seek in Ikea
Race a race car on a track
Ride a camel
Ride a segway
Ride a tractor
Ride in a horse and carriage
Ride a mechanical bull
See baby seaturtles
Take a pottery class
Take pictures underwater
Dance the Thriller
Go on a paintballing day

Take an around the world trip – In progress
Be a tourist in my own city/country
Fly First Class
Go on a cruise
Go on a mother-daughter holiday
Pick a destination at the airport
Road trip with friends
Visit a volcano
Volunteer in a different country
Work at an American summer camp ✔
Add to the love lock in Paris
Bet Red in Vegas
Bike in Central Park
Drink Guinness in Dublin ✔
Drive Route 66
Get high in Amsterdam
Go grape stomping
Go nude on a (nudist) beach
Go to a rodeo
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty ✔
Ride a Gondola in Venice ✔
See the Niagara Falls
See the Colosseum in Rome
See the Northern Lights
See the Parthenon in Athens
See the Pyramids
See sunrise over Angkor Wat
Spend Christmas in Disney World
Spend Christmas in New York
Spend Christmas on a beach
Spend New Years Eve in Times Square
Visit every Disney Land – Florida ✔
Travel alone
Visit every continent in the world
Visit Australia Zoo ✔
Visit a temple in Thailand
Road trip with friends
Get in a NYC yellow cab and yell “follow that car!”
Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland ✔
Post a letter to Juliet in Verona
Stay on a private island
Go on a Disney cruise
See the Sydney Opera House
Visit the Louvre
Ice skate in Central Park
‘Hold Up’ the leaning tower of Pisa
Sleep in a 5 star hotel
Eat pizza in Italy ✔
Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Take a photo with the Hollywood sign
Go on an African safari
Walk on the Great Wall of China
See a panda
Party in Las Vegas
Stargaze on a roof
Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
Visit the ‘Friends’ building ✔
Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
Stay in a log cabin
Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand ✔
Go to Rio Carnival

If you need some inspiration for your own Bucket List take a look at my Pinterest Board!


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